Lynn Curran is happily motivated by a life-long enthusiasm for ceramics.

It all started at an early age with the Girl’s Club (thank goodness for early exposure!). As a teen, while a counselor at Camp Vega in Readfield, Maine, Lynn gained more experience with pottery and jewelry-making. And during college, Lynn extended her love affair with clay and wheel work at the Hilltop Center for Crafts at the University of Maine in Orono.

From 1978 through 1984, Lynn was fortunate to study and collaborate with Jacqueline Weaver in Jacqueline's original RANDOM POTTERY in the East Village, NYC. Jacqueline’s generous nature and expert instruction in ceramics offered her students a strong foundation and an avenue for learning the clay process.

In addition to the years with RANDOM POTTERY in NYC, Lynn enjoyed two exceptional apprenticeships: with Clay Crafts (NYC) and with Kent Krause Studios (NYC), all of which polished her well-rounded knowledge of ceramics.

In the 1990's, Jacqueline retired and moved her studio to Las Vegas. She encouraged Lynn to continue the RANDOM POTTERY enterprise in New England. In Newmarket, New Hampshire, Lynn established a studio and gallery space for local artists. Subsequently, in Harrison, Maine, Lynn’s ceramics studio added workshops and instruction in fused glass and pottery. Meanwhile, as she ventured into parenthood, Lynn taught pottery and fused glass for over twenty summers at Camp Wigwam in Waterford, Maine.

In recent years, the RANDOM POTTERY studio in Harrison, Maine has enjoyed continued popularity and success by offering workshops in clay and glass and pottery products.